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#1 Best Selling Hair Fiber Worldwide

    Original Fully Hair Building Fibers (2nd Gen 2021)

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    FULLY hair building fiber is a kind of high-tech product that contains thousands of tiny fibers to attract existing hair, just in 30 seconds to present a thicker and fuller hair look.

    What is hair building fiber?

    Hair Building Fiber, it is also named hair fiber in short or hair thickening fibers with their function included. Because they are tiny fiber, so they are also called microfiber, or hair fiber powders. They thicken hair very quickly, people like them as instant hair fibers, or instant hair growth. Before they are mainly made if keratin, they also have the name if keratin hair building fibers. Since more and more people pay attention to its safety so they are also called natural hair building fibers, or microfiber natural hair fibers.

    What is Our Second Generation Hair Fiber?

    FULLY hair building fiber, it is developed on our own and has been updated into the second generation. With the unique technology, our hair fiber has been provided to worldwide as gifts to customers with thinning hair. Comparing to old ones, the second is better in appearance, weight, glossiness, pH Value, colorfastness, static electricity, processing processes, and formula. Below is the detailed introductions of those features and advantages:


    Fully second-generation hair fiber is longer and slimmer. For these characteristics, it is very hard to be observed by naked eyes. But, under a 100 times microscope, it can be easily found, the second generation is same in the length and dimension, every tiny one is the same, while the old and other ones in the market are not. This feature is important because it will directly decide how will the hair look like after using this product. Whether it is natural or not.  After the test, the second generation fiber won't be easily distinguished from real hair in international standard normal distance between human communication ( 1.5m). Because it is longer, even if falls on the scalp, it won't blocking pores.

    Thick. Full. Undetectable. And All Yours.

    If you want to cover thinning, balding, patchy spots across your temples, part, crown and sides, these are the hair fibers with you. With a natural “real hair” finish, and the perfect level of shine, these hair fibers transform thinning hair into luscious, undetectable, confidence-boosting locks…

    ...even if other products left your scalp longing for more.

    Don’t waste time worrying about how your chosen color matches.

    Simply choose the hair fibers you think work best, try them out, and love your results - or we’ll keep sending you new colors until you do.

    Real, Life-Changing Results

    Over 250,000 Happy Customers                         

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9837 reviews Write a review
    Original Fully Hair Building Fibers (2nd Gen 2021)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9837 reviews Write a review

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    100% Natural

    100% Plant Based